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Juvenes Dum Sumus

July 2024
1min read

Dear Establishment Freaks: Please take my name off of your mailing list. I am not interested in your books or your “American Heritage.” I’m afraid I belong to that group on the other side that grew up in the Go’s. I have heard all I want to about the neat 20's and 30's from my parents. I have borne personal witness to the culmination of that keen heritage. Uptight White amerika is on the run and my generation intends to keep it running. Amerika had a good thing going until Alexander Hamilton opened his big mouth and the revolution was sold out to the conservatives. We just might have to take a second shot at pulling off another revolution by 1976. I learned all about my Heritage in school, sap that I was I believed it. So send your books to all the little old John Birch ladies. I’m busy trying to clean up just one of the messes you dudes have tried to cover up, the native people of this country that managed to survive the genocide.

Thanks for the free envelope.

Don Petterson Culbertson, Montana

This is spelt as received. The German form of the word America, in the polite lexicon of youth, signifies their astonishing belief that we have gone Nazi.—Ed.

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