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Historic Sites

Agate Fossil Beds National Memorial Agate Fossil Beds National Memorial
Harrison, Nebraska

During the 1890s, scientists redi

Ah Tah Thi Ki Museum Ah Tah Thi Ki Museum
Big Cypress Indian Reservation, Florida

The Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum on Big Cyrpess Reservation explore

Albany Mounds Albany Mounds
Albany, Illinois

The Albany Mounds date from the Middle Woodland (Hopewell) period (200 BCE-CE 300), old

Anasazi Heritage Center Anasazi Heritage Center
Dolores, Colorado

The museum features permanent exhibits on archaeology, local history, & Native Amer

Anasazi Historical Site & State Museum Anasazi Historical Site & State Museum
Boulder, Utah

Visit the museum and partially excavated prehistoric Indian village

Appalachian Caverns And Campground Appalachian Caverns And Campground
Blountville, Tennessee

For many years the cavern lay in silence broken only by the sound of the water, the ani

Arcadia Mill Arcadia Mill
Milton, Florida

The Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site in Milton bears witness to America's 19th century

Archaeology Institute At The University Of West Florida Archaeology Institute At The University Of West Florida
Pensacola, Florida

Besides functioning as an archaeological research facility, the Archaeology Institute a

Badin Historic Museum Badin Historic Museum
Badin, North Carolina

The story of Badin township begancirca 10,000 B.C.

Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum
Marion, Kentucky

From 1920 until his death in 1980, Ben E.

Bledsoe's Fort Historic Park Bledsoe's Fort Historic Park
Castalian Springs, Tennessee

Although the original building is no longer standing, the archaeological remains of Ble

Buckeye Valley Museum Buckeye Valley Museum
Buckeye, Arizona

In 1877, the founder of the settlement that was to become the Town of Buckeye led a par

Caguana Ceremonial Park Caguana Ceremonial Park
Utuado, Puerto Rico

When the first Spaniards arrived on the island more than 500 years ago, they encountere

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Park Cahokia Mounds State Historic Park
Collinsville, Illinois

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization designated Cahoki

Calvert Marine Museum Calvert Marine Museum
Solomons, Maryland

Established in 1970 and moved to its current location in 1975, the Calvert Marine Museu

Caparra Caparra
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Spanish settlers called Caparra, the island's first capital, La Ciudad de Puerto Rico (

Carlsbad Caverns National Park Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Carlsbad, New Mexico

The park’s cultural resources represent a long and varied continuum of human use starti

Casa Malpais Archaeological Park Casa Malpais Archaeological Park
Springerville, Arizona

The Mogollan people occupied Casa Malpais, which means "House of the Badlands," for alm

Chaco Culture National Historical Site Chaco Culture National Historical Site
Nageezi, New Mexico

The Chacoan sites are part of the homeland of Pueblo Indian peoples of New Mexico, the

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
St. Michaels, Maryland

Founded in 1965, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has expanded from a two acre campus

Chimney Point Chimney Point
Addison, Vermont

Chimney Point on Lake Champlain in Vermont is one of the earliest, mostly intensely set

Chimney Rock Archaeological Area Chimney Rock Archaeological Area
Chimney Rock, Colorado

Designated an Archaeological Area and National Historic Site in 1970, Chimney Rock lies

Chiricahua National Monument Chiricahua National Monument
Willcox, Arizona

This forest of rock spires was eroded from layers of ash deposited by the Turkey Creek

Chucalissa Archaeological Museum Chucalissa Archaeological Museum
Memphis, Tennessee

Located on the loess bluffs about 10 km south of downtown Memphis ,Tennessee, Chucaliss

Crater Rock Museum Crater Rock Museum
Central Point, Oregon

The Smith's collection and the collections and donations of members and others has crea

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
Cortez, New Mexico

The Archaeological Center is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the ancestral

Crown Point State Historic Site Crown Point State Historic Site
Crown Point, New York

During the French and Indian War, Ft.

Cumberland County Prehistorical Museum Cumberland County Prehistorical Museum
Greenwich, New Jersey

To visit the museum is to enter the world of the Indians who inhabited the lower Delawa

Dakota Dinosaur Museum Dakota Dinosaur Museum
Dickinson, North Dakota

The museum contains 11 full-scale dinosaurs displayed in a Triassic-Cretaceous time con

Davies Manor Plantation Davies Manor Plantation
Memphis, Tennessee

Davies Manor Plantation is a remarkably preserved historic site within an urban area.

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