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Days Of Glory

July 2024
1min read

As an octogenarian I cannot help telling you how much I enjoyed your article on the Overland Limited [December, 1963].… I am a railroad engineer’s daughter and all my family were railroad people.… More than once, until his death in 1906, my father was taken off his regular run to haul Theodore Roosevelt’s special train. Mr. Roosevelt always came forward to shake hands with the crew at the end of a division and left $5 in the hand of each member of the crew. Andrew Carnegie never came forward but left a generous tip for each man.… My father was eventually crushed to death by his own engine between the doorway of the round house and the tender of his engine as the hostler was taking the engine out onto the turntable. … Thanking you again for the pleasure of the article on those days of the glory of the railroad.

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