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Contest Winners

July 2024
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In our issue of August, 1971, we offered to send complimentary copies of our extra issue The Nineties to readers who cited the most striking example of real persons named after places, things, or events. We got a lot of entries, most of them documented, and many with an entertaining anecdote about the individual cited. The following names, which are accompanied by the names of those who submitted them, struck us as prize winners:

THROUGH TRIAL AND TRIBULATION WE ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN LINDLOFF . (Mrs. Robin Lodewick, Eugene, Oregon) The lad, who was born about 1900, was happily known as Trib.

STATES RIGHTS GIST . The name of this Confederate brigadier general was submitted by several readers, the first of whom was A. B. Hobbes, of Southbridge, Massachusetts. A South Carolinian, Gist fought in several important Civil War battles, including Vicksburg and Chickamauga. He was killed at Franklin, Tennessee, on the last day of November, 1864, while leading his brigade on foot after his horse had been shot. Caldwell Withers, of Columbia, South Carolina, who also sent in Gist’s name, provided, in addition, the names of FORT SUMTER EARLE , who was mayor of Columbia from 1900 to 1904, and LAKE ERIE HIGH , a current resident of that city. And Hugh M. Thomason of Bowling Green, Kentucky, came up with the name of a colonel now in the Marine Corps, STATES RIGHTS JONES, JR.

BOSTON RASPBERRY . (John L. Roberts, Bonifay, Florida) Raspberry had been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing a rival player with a bat following a heated argument in a sand-lot baseball game. According to Mr. Roberts, Governor Millard Caldwell of Florida pardoned Raspberry, saying that “anybody with a name like ‘Boston Raspberry’ should have a full pardon.”

CARBON PETROLEUM DUBBS . (The Reverend Paul C. Baker, Paris, Illinois)

SOUTH SIOUX BICKLEY . (A. James McArthur, Lincoln, Nebraska)

EASTER LILY GATES . (Mrs. Dorothy H. Wilken, University Park, Florida)

LAKE IHRIE . (Mrs. Jean Mitchell Green, Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Mr. Ihrie’s granddaughter)

MORDECAI PETER CENTENNIAL BROWN . (Alan Fox, East Lansing, Michigan) “Three Finger” Brown, as he was known during his days as a major-league pitcher, was born in Indiana in 1876. He compiled an impressive record, pitching in 481 regular-season games and in nine World Series contests as a Chicago Cub between 1906 and 1910; he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1949.


GOLD REFINED WILSON . (Milton Sernett, North East, Maryland)

BUDWEISER, FALSTAFF , and MICHELOB HAWKINS . (Mrs. Mary Francis Leisk, Las Vegas, Nevada)

E. PLURIBUS EUBANKS . (Frank Lang, Oakland, California)

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