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U.s. Navy Seabee Museum And Memorial Park

U.s. Navy Seabee Museum And Memorial Park

The museum collects and displays materials associated with the US Navy Seabees, especially their association with their original home, the former Davisville Navy Base in North Kingstown, Rhode Island; creates public displays celebrating the historical contribution of the Quonset Hut and the WW-II naval pontoons, both developed at the Davisville Base; restores and displays significant artifacts and vintage construction equipment so the public can better appreciate the historical environment and context; develops exhibits to show what life was like during historical periods covered by the collection; is creating a public park to commemorate the accomplishments and sacrifices of the US Navy Seabees; creates special hands-on exhibits for youth to share with them the accomplishments of the Fighter Builders and help instill values and patriotism in future generations; and creates a depository where former Seabees can donate artifacts and mementos where they can be preserved for future generations.

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