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U.S. Naval Academy Museum

U.S. Naval Academy Museum

The U.S. Naval Academy's campus features this museum, which chronicles American naval history since the Academy was founded.

The U.S. Naval Academy Museum serves as an educational and inspirational resource for the Brigade of Midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy, other students of American naval history, and thousands of visitors each year. Through its collections and exhibits, the Museum contributes to the recognition of history as a basic source of knowledge in advancing the theory and practice of sea power - "Ex Scientia Tridens": from knowledge, sea power.

Utilizing three-dimensional and graphic materials, the Museum demonstrates the Navy's role, in war and in peace, in defending and preserving the ideals of our country and mankind. The exhibitions and related research are reminders of our naval heritage - a long record of loyalty, integrity, and service to the nation.

The Museum is charged with collecting, preserving, and using in exhibitions and in study programs, the objects, documents, and works
of art which relate the history and traditions of the United States Navy. Emphasis is given to objects illustrative of the role of the naval officer and, in particular, that of alumni of the U.S. Naval Academy in the events of our past.

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