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Tuskegee Human And Civil Rights Multicultural Center

Tuskegee Human And Civil Rights Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center recounts the history of the different people and cultures that have been a part of this region's struggle for civil rights.

The Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center explores the intertwining pasts of Macon County's Native American, European American and African American cultures. Their encounters, dating back to America's colonial period, resulted in the 1832 cession of the territory comprising Macon County from the Creek Indians to white slaveholders. The area's history from that point forward was dotted with both triumphs and tragedies, from the Civil Rights victories in the 1960s that resounded at both the state and national level, to a medical travesty of international significance. The museum and visitor center features exhibits that unearth the complex and lengthy background of this transformative southern locale.

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