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Star Spangled Banner Flag House

Star Spangled Banner Flag House

Mary and her daughter Caroline moved into the house in 1806, along with Mary’s mother, Rebecca Young, who began the flag-making business in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War. In 1927, the house was sold to the city of Baltimore and the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House Association established a museum inside the historic home. Today, visitors encounter the interior of the Flag House much as Mary and her household would have seen it. The house is filled with original early 19th century objects, many of them possessions of the Young-Pickersgill family. Throughout a guided tour, visitors explore aspects of business and daily life in the Flag House by interacting with a variety of touchable objects and live characters.

On any day of the week, visitors can see life inside the Flag House recreated by living history interpreters. During a guided tour, visitors will meet one or more members of the War of 1812 household such as a male boarder, the African American apprentice Grace Wisher or Mary Pickersgill, maker of the Star-Spangled Banner flag. The Flag House also offers special programs throughout the year where visitors can learn about the past through a variety of interactive activities.

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