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Fruitlands Museum

Fruitlands Museum

A National Landmark and Historic District, Fruitlands includes the original farmhouse that was the site of the 1843 Utopian experiment led by Transendentalist and eductational reformer Bronson Alcott. This land is also home to the world’s first Shaker Museum, a Native American gallery, and a fine art gallery.

Recognized as one of Fruitlands most valuable assets, the surrounding landscape reveals over 5,000 years of change. The events that played out on this stretch of northern Massachusetts terrain over the course of numerous centuries epitomized important evolutions of American environmental and cultural history. The Fruitlands Museum stewards seven collections consisting of more than 6,000 objects that attest to these transformations. Changing exhibits encourage diverse perspectives, provide new ways of looking at the familiar, excite visitors about the land, and inspire people to make singular discoveries about who we are as a people and a nation.

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