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Boyd Tavern

Boyd Tavern

The original Boyd Tavern was constructed in 1790, consisting of a small one-story dwelling & tavern. Around 1816, the building was altered and expanded reflecting the nucleus of the present structure. By the 1820s, the building had evolved into a federal style. Following the Civil War, the owners sought to give the tavern a different appearance. These changes are attributed to Jacob Holt, an architect-builder working in southside Virginia in the 1870's. The early decades of the 20th century saw further exterior alterations. From the plain, country ordination of Alexander Boyd to a thriving hotel, to a boarding house which converted to apartments in 1922, the tavern's history has been one of constant change, expansion, & renovation. The tavern has been a prominent landmark for over 200 years. In 1976, The Boyd Tavern was placed on the Virginia landmark register & the national register of historic places.

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