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American Memorial

American Memorial

American Memorial Park honors the American and Marianas people who gave their lives during the Marianas Campaign of World War II. Over 5,000 names are inscribed on a memorial which was dedicated during the 50th anniversary of the Invasion of Saipan. Within the 133-acre boundary are beaches, sports fields, picnic sites, boat marinas, playgrounds, walkways, and a 30-acre wetland and mangrove forest.

Suggested activities include: walking, jogging, or cycling along the path from Micro Beach; visiting the Carillon Belltower, U.S. Memorial Court of Honor, Smiling Cove Marina, and various historic and cultural sites; picnicking and barbecuing at designated areas; playing tennis or other sports; relaxing on the beach or picnic areas; observing plants, birds, and flowers in the wetlands and mangrove forest; and attending a special event or activity, such as the Flametree Festival, Liberation Festival, or a beach clean up.

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