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December 2023
1min read

The American press: its power and its enemies …

In a special section AMERICAN HERITAGE considers the peculiar glories of the American newspaper. Included are a scorching interview with the Washington Post ’s Ben Bradlee on the use and nature of power—his own, his paper’s, and the government’s; Robert Friedman’s history of the ever-embattled First Amendment; David Davidson’s celebration of the special qualities that made the old World the one paper every newspaperman wanted to work for; an insider’s view of the barbed charms of the country newspaper, revealed by a man who ran one—until he couldn’t stand it any longer.

Rockefeller Center …

On the fiftieth anniversary of the most successful building complex of the twentieth century, we look at John Wenrich’s soaring, romantic architectural drawings—works of art in their own right- that prefigured the great urban space.

Andersonville …

The name of the worst of the Civil War prison camps lives on in literature, in history, and in infamy. But what was it really like? Charles Ferren Hopkins was a prisoner there and, in his recently discovered memoir—never published before- tells us about it in heartbreaking detail.

Plus …

A portfolio of famous photographic hoaxes; a memoir of Radcliffe in the thirties by Marian Schlesinger; and much more, all richly illustrated.

We hope you enjoy our work.

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