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Colonel Pope

July 2024
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Albert Pope Hinckley of Orlean, Virginia, is the grandson of Colonel Albert A. Pope, the great bicycle innovator, and bears his name proudly:

I knew him well, remember him distinctly with affection and admiration. He commenced his military career as a young second lieutenant at eighteen and became colonel and commanding officer of his regiment, the 35th Massachusetts, the day after he was twenty-two. When I was a small boy, I looked forward every summer to attending the annual reunion of his regiment at his estate in North Cohasset, for which he assumed the entire expense.

Not surprisingly, he was an inveterate cyclist, and Mr. Hinckley tells us that the bearded rider in the pith helmet on the cover of our June, 1975, issue is supposed to be Colonel Pope. For those who wish to check the resemblance, which does indeed seem close, Mr. Hinckley has sent us a picture of his grandfather and grandmother standing before a lean Pope Columbia bicycle at their Massachusetts home.

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