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John Glover

We can’t let the home of one of the great heroes of the American Revolution be demolished.

“One of the great truths of history is that no past event was preordained,” wrote David McCullough in American Heritage. “Every battle, election, and revolution could have turned out differently at any point al

The farmhouse of General John Glover, one of the great heroes of the American Revolution, is scheduled to be demolished after July 1, 2024.

Editor’s Note: Nancy L. Schultz is a retired professor and chair of the Swampscott Historical Commission, which is working with other local partners to save the General John Glover Farmhouse.

John Glover and the men of Marblehead saved the Continental Army several times, and then helped it cross the Delaware to victory at Trenton and Princeton.

Editor’s Note: The author of 13 books, Patrick K. O’Donnell is one of our leading military historians.

Three times John Glover’s Marblehead fishermen saved Washington’s army; in a final battle, the “amphibious regiment” rowed him to victory across the Delaware

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