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Catastrophe By The Numbers

July 2024
1min read

Sir: … I feel Charlton Ogburn’s statements about Robert Kennedy’s reproductive prowess were erroneous as well as in poor taste. If the more than 214,000,000 descendants of the Robert Kennedys inherited their wealth, wit, wisdom, and dedication, then I say the world owes the Kennedys a debt of gratitude. Someone once said to me she hoped Ethel had twenty children. I was appalled at the thought until she explained that as far as she was concerned one of the obligations of the rich is to have as many children as they can. It makes a lot of sense. The world could only improve if the rich were to have as many children as possible while the poor were attempting to “control themselves.”

If I feel I can afford three, four, or more children, and as long as I don’t become a burden on the nation, then how dare anyone tell me to stop after one or two? On the other hand, if this insane government of ours would dis courage the poor by refusing welfare to anyone with more than two children, I guarantee a drastic drop in the birth rate as well as welfare costs.

Thank God I won’t live to see the chaos Mr. Ogburn describes.…

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