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Announcing The National Historical Society

June 2024
1min read

National Historical Society website
The National Historical Society has just launched its website, with information about the new organization and its programs.

A few years ago, we noticed something curious: While every state in the U.S. has a historical society — as do most counties, cities, and towns —  there was no national society. 

So, we decided to do something about this deficiency. Last April 26, we created The National Historical Society, a new 501(c)3 incorporated in our nation's capital. This week, we finished a new website for the Society.

The mission of the new Society is simple: to help millions of Americans learn more about our nation’s story.

On the first anniversary of the organization's founding next month, the new National Historical Society will be assuming operation of American Heritage, the widely respected magazine of American history. For 73 years, we have connected Americans to their shared heritage with trusted, non-partisan writing by leading scholars. 

We are asking our subscribers and friends to join us as founders of this nonprofit, with the important mission of teaching people around the world about our nation and the people who built it.

Please consider joining us with a donation.


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