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The American Heritage Society Awards

July 2024
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In the last issue this magazine commenced regular and intensive coverage ot conservation and historic preservation, signifying our deep concern for the widely endangered physical heritage of America. This month we are pleased to announce that this concern is to he backed up by a group of awards, totalling $50,000, to be given by the American Heritage Society, the organization launched last July to bring together our two scholarly and founding groups, our history-publishing operations, and the readers whose interest supports us.

The Society speaks for history and for preservation in a time of violent change. Its publishing arm has long provided important financial support for the work of our two sponsors, the American Association for State and Local History and the Society of American Historians. Now, to broaden its activity in this vital field, the Society will divide $50,000 this spring in grants to twelve local, nonprofit groups who are active in conservation and preservation.

Each of these groups is working to preserve or restore a segment of our natural or manmade heritage. Each has been selected from among hundreds of deserving projects, with the counsel of our sponsors. We have also had the advice of a number of conservation experts. None of the nominees has any connection with the American Heritage Society. They are described on page 116.

But we need your help: How shall we divide the $50,000?

We would like you to vote on which one of the groups best deserves our support. Each group will receive a minimum gift of $1,000; but the one receiving the highest number of votes will be given $25,000. The next three in order will receive $10,000, $5,000, and $2,000, respectively.

Because we believe it useful to find out what conservation problems seem most urgent to the people who make things happen, thousands of ballots are being distributed to a large cross-section of literate, responsible Americans. We urge every reader of this page to vote. Simply select the one project that you think deserves the top award of $25,000. Then note its number on a postcard addressed to American Heritage Society Awards, 10 Blaine Avenue, Marion, Ohio 43302.

The results will be reported in the magazine and the press as soon as the tally is complete.

Our thanks go to all who vote.


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