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American Heritage, the beloved, 68-year-old magazine of history, returned to regular publication on our Nation's Birthday, July 4, 2017. 
“Care Package” delivered to leaders in Congress and the White House includes essays by Pulitzer Prize-winning historians and survey indicating 75% of readers believe politicians should compromise to prevent default.
America’s Fort presented noted author John F. Ross with first annual Fort Ticonderoga Prize for Contributions to American History at the 17th Annual Ticonderoga Ball organized by the Black Watch Council, at the Union League Club in New York on March 4, 2
Interview recalls the San Francisco Bay landing
Bucking trends in the publishing industry, American Heritage Magazine has had strong gains recently and is “in the black” two years after suspending publication
The leading history magazine publishes special issue on “The Fate of the Nation,” with 14 Pulitzer Prize winning authors contributing, only two years after suspending publication.
Former head of the National Archives to help in revitalizing the leading magazine on American history.
Major New Revelation of Oswald’s Links to Cuba Are Revealed by America’s Oldest and Most Respected Popular History Magazine
Like the nation it covers, American Heritage was revolutionary at its birth. And like that nation’s story, ours is a real cliffhanger.

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