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About the Cover; Thanks to our Editorial Assistant

June 2024
1min read

American Heritage cover Sept 2019

The cover image is a 1785 portrait by Gilbert Stuart of the Seneca chief Thayendanegea, better known as Joseph Brant. The same painting appeared on our cover of the September 1952 issue (right). After 65 years, we feel entitled to repeat an image!

The Spring 1952 issue of American Heritage.
The Spring 1952 issue of American Heritage.

Brant is wearing a red and white feathered headdress with black headband ornamented with small silver rings. His red cloak with narrow, darker red stripes and brown fur collar is also decorated with silver rings. He wears a large white shell, an object of ritual significance to the Iroquois. Image courtesy of the British Museum.

Thanks to Matthew Palatnik, our Editorial Assistant, who helped put this issue together. Matthew is a promising young historian and three-time winner of the National History Day competition.

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