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Two hundred years ago, the conflict in which the U.S. seized the Deep South from its Native inhabitants was a turning point in American history, but it is largely forgotten today.

Sixty years ago, Jack Ruby shot Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. What was his motive? The Warren Commission lawyer who investigated Ruby reveals the killer’s state of mind.

My grandparents were murdered during the Osage Reign of Terror. It took my family generations to recover.

“I will leave this house only if I am dead,” the prominent New York doctor told his ex-wife, who was seeking half the value of their Manhattan townhouse in a divorce.

Classic Essays from Our Archives

Did Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson Love Each Other? | Fall 2008, Vol 58, No 5

By Annette Gordon-Reed

To call it loaded question does not begin to do justice to the matter, given America’s tortured racial history and its haunting legacy.

hemings jefferson

Growing Up Colored | Summer 2012, Vol 62, No 2

By Henry Louis Gates Jr.

The noted writer and educator tells of his boyhood in the West Virginia town of Piedmont, where African Americans were second-class citizens but family pride ran deep.

Henry Louis Gates and family

How My Father and President Kennedy Saved The World | October 2002, Vol 53, No 5

By Sergei Khrushchev

The Cuban Missile Crisis as seen from the Kremlin


The Man of the Century | May/June 1994, Vol 45, No 3

By Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

Of all the Allied leaders, argues FDR's biographer, only Roosevelt saw clearly the shape of the new world they were fighting to create

American Heritage Logo

Range Practice | Februrary 1968, Vol 19, No 2

By Dean Acheson

Our former Secretary of State recalls his service fifty years ago in the Connecticut National Guard—asthmatic horses, a ubiquitous major, and a memorable

horse-drawn artillery

    Today in History

  • Ronald Reagan born

    40th President Ronald Reagan is born in Tampico, Illinois. Reagan, a Hollywood actor by trade, entered public office when he was elected as Governor of California in 1966, and later won the presidency in 1980. On this day in 1985 during his State of the Union address, he advocated the support for democratic movements fighting communism across the world, which was dubbed the "Reagan Doctrine."

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  • Massachusetts enters the Union

    Massachusetts ratifies the U.S. Constitution, entering the Union as the sixth state. A year earlier, Shays Rebellion in the western part of the state proved the ineffectiveness of the Articles of Confederation government, prompting the Constitutional Convention.

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  • Babe Ruth born

    George Herman Ruth, better known as "Babe", is born in Baltimore. Ruth, widely considered the greatest baseball player of all time, became one of the first American sports celebrities for his on-field success and off-field personality. Originally a starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Ruth eventually became one of the most dominant power hitters in baseball history.

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